Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Katie's Peppermint Bark Brownies

Katie has been making these Peppermint Bark Brownies for several years now.  They are one of her must make Christmas recipes.

Katie's Peppermint Bark Brownies

1 box Brownie mix (the size box that makes a 9 X 13 pan of brownies)
Mixed according to directions.  Bake as directed. 
1 12oz. bag white chocolate chips
20 hard peppermint candies, unwrapped and crushed
Melt white chocolate chips in microwave in 15 second increments, stirring frequently.   Spread over slightly cooled brownies.  Sprinkle with crushed peppermints.  Cut into serving sized pieces.  Nestle each square in a cupcake paper and store in an airtight tin.

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