Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Toffee Trifle

Toffee Trifle
1 9X13 pan of Brownies, broken into chunks
2 large boxes Chocolate pudding mixed per directions
1 12 oz. container of whipped topping
6 bars of chocolate covered toffee, chopped

Mix the prepared pudding with cool whip and set aside. In a trifle
dish, or large deep bowl(small glass punch bowls work just as well),
put in a layer of brownie chunks, cover with 1/3 of pudding and
sprinkle with 1/3 toffee. Continue layering. If you'd like, you
may top with whipped cream and a grating of chocolate, but you will
need extra topping to do this.
Variations: Add instant coffee to the pudding mixes.  Use mini chocolate chips instead of the toffee bars.
Layer brownies with canned cherry pie filling and top with shaved chocolate for a Black Forest Trifle.
Mix prepared vanilla pudding with 1/4 melted peanut butter.  Layer with chopped peanut butter cups candy and brownies.  Top with whipped topping and drizzle with melted chocolate

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