Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Penny's Tuna Pasta Salad

John introduced me to this salad, recalling that it was something his mom made frequently in summers.  I took his vague recollections and put this together.  It's a favorite and is so budgetwise that summer's we ate it at least once a week.

Penny's Tuna Pasta Salad

12 oz. cooked, cooled pasta (I had penne, but have used seashells, bow ties, elbows)
1 7oz. pkg. water packed tuna
2 cups chopped vegetables (I use whatever I have on hand.  Today it was carrots, green onions, celery and pimento stuffed olives.  I've used green peas, black olives, bell peppers, onions in whatever combinations I might have)
1 cup mayonnaise
1 tbsp prepared mustard
salt and pepper to taste
lemon pepper(optional)
Mix all ingredients well.  Chill well.  Tastes even better on the second day!

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