Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cuban Bread

 From The Cheapskate Gazette

Cuban Bread 5-6 cups flour(up to two cups may be whole wheat)
2 tablespoons yeast
2 tablespoons sugar
2 cups hot water
I used my heavy duty mixer to prepare the dough. A food processor with dough blade will work as well.  In bowl stir together 4 cups flour, yeast, and sugar.  Add water and mix until well blended.  Dough will be very wet and sticky.  Gradually add remaining flour until dough forms a ball.  I've found when our weather is humid I'll need to add more flour.  Today I needed only 5 cups. Once dough forms ball, allow to work about 20 turns around bowl.  Remove dough and placed in greased bowl.  Cover with a damp towel.  Let rise 15 minutes.
Punch down dough and divide into two portions.  Form into balls and then place on baking sheet.  Lightly score top with an "X" then dampen hands and place wet hands on dough.  Sprinkle with sesame or poppy seeds.  Place pan in cold oven.  On bottom rack place cake pan and fill with hot water.  Turn oven temperature to 400°F.  Set timer for 40 minutes. (May bake as long as 50 minutes).  When golden remove to wire rack to cool.

I had to work with this recipe a little and ended up making it twice.  I followed the recipe EXACTLY with the second loaves, using the timer to time rising and baking.  My oven required only the 40 minutes to bake and they turned out beautifully.

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